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Employee Relation Support

What We Offer in Employee Relation
  • Provision of practical HR advice around how to get to your desired outcome, taking account of employment law and managing risk.
  • Support with drafting employee communications and specific management guidance.
  • Coaching managers step-by-step on how to approach employee relations issues, which increases skill level, confidence and ownership of issues.
  • Strategies to help reduce absenteeism.
  • Independent mediation, offering a safe, effective and confidential process for all parties in dispute to find their own solutions and reach agreement.
  • Attendance at meetings either remote or in person dependent on location, situation and budget.

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Skilled HR guidance
Expert HR Advice

We have the skills and experience to help you navigate a wide variety of employee relations issues in a way which gets you to the right result with management of risk. Whilst our team are experienced HR practitioners who understand employment law, they are not lawyers. They guide clients through processes taking employment law into account.

Avoiding small issues become big Employee relation problems.



Skilled HR guidance
Often, we find that clients get in touch when a problem has been ongoing for an extended duration and things have grown to the point of crisis. Getting in touch early to obtain advice and support can help to prevent issues from escalating, but where problems have already grown, we can still help to:
  • Run an independent process, or support you to get your process right.
  • Aid timely engagement and feedback to support with attendance and performance.
  • Talk managers through how to tackle an issue, providing guidance scripts to help where they.
  • May feel uncertain. This may relate to Confirmation review process, absence management, performance improvement/management, disciplinary and grievance investigations, change management.
  • Provide step-by-step coaching can be provided with or without draft documentation to help manage the move through any concerns or issues.
  • Independently manage investigations for you if an issue has already reached crisis point, formal investigation of an issue is required.
  • We guide you in every situation.