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Employee Welbeing

Employee Well-being Service
  • Devising and implementing comprehensive wellbeing strategies which are in alignment with the people strategy.
  • Developing a programme of internal communications outlining in a clear way what support is available to employees.
  • Implementing a suite of wellbeing activities and initiatives which meet the needs of the business.
  • Creating forward-looking plans and next steps to enable clients to take their offering to the next level.

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Comprehensive Life Fulfillment
What Is Wellbeing?

It is common to think of wellbeing as solely related to physical health, but any complete wellbeing definition must capture so much more.
Wellbeing includes the major components of a great life — an individual’s experiences and perceptions of what’s important. Ultimately, it represents how someone’s life is going. But wellbeing is not the same as wellness, which is a component of employee wellbeing.

Gallup has discovered five core elements of wellbeing:

  • Career.
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Community
Overall welfare

Stressed-out and burned-out employees often inspire leaders to ask,

What does wellbeing mean?

Fortunately, employee wellbeing is quantifiable, meaning that you can define wellbeing, measure it, understand it and transform it within an organization.
Learn how Gallup can transform wellbeing and create resiliency in your organization.

Worker Relations Assistance
How Is the Quality of Life Measured?
  • Measuring the quality of life has traditionally been done with indicators like a country's gross domestic product or a family's household income. These are certainly still important metrics.
  • They don't capture the whole picture of how someone's life is going. To get a more complete picture, Gallup uses many measurements, like the Positive Emotions Index and the Negative Emotions Index, which track the kinds of emotional experiences people have on a daily basis.
  • The most powerful method we use for measuring wellbeing and Gallup Net Thriving is the Life Evaluation Index, which asks people to rate their lives now and what they think their lives will be like in the future.
Leader Career Wellbeing
Career wellbeing action items for leaders
  • Help employees discover their strengths.

Create a culture of high development by using a strengths-based strategy to design your employee experience, from attraction to performance.

  • Don't tolerate abusive managers.

Remove managers who make employees’ lives miserable. Such managers are a tremendous risk.

  • Develop managers to be coaches.

Move the manager mindset from being a boss to being a coach who develops employee performance and has regular coaching conversations to provide meaningful feedback.

  • Include wellbeing in conversations about career development.

Managers and teams that share a bond of trust can begin to have meaningful discussions about wellbeing at work.

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