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Interim Management and Virtual Leadership

Short-Term Executive Management

Interim Management is the provision of senior executives to manage change or transition on a short term basis. The concept is prevalent in mature economies and is upcoming in India. More and more professionals today are open to exploring short-term high level engagements rather than committing themselves to one organization.

Short term professionals are highly skilled and can help corporates to deal with any kind of business challenge including:

  • Sudden exit/loss of a senior executive.
  • A sudden increase in workload.
  • Setting up a business.
  • Closing down a business.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Managing acquisitions and mergers.

Interim Management recruitment process is no different to traditional recruitment.


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management team
Interim Management Team

Over the years, we have Organizations now a days are bound to navigate through crucial changes, leadership gaps, or operational upgrades which may require urgent deployment of external senior managers and executives. External expertise helps the companies to face major transition and transformation to technology, finance, marketing, or other operations in the market.

Interim managers, if needed, can replace, supplement or coach inhouse managers on a short term or long term basis. Most companies go for interim management to avail extensive practical experience of experts across a broad range of functions and industries for a limited period. So an interim manager is a highly experienced and skilful executive who is usually employed for a short time to solve a specific business problem.

Invest in your employees growth, & you'll invest in your organization's success.

Leadership Group
Interim Management Team

An executive interim manager serves as a temporary but additional member of the team, acting as a backbone of an organization in a time of critical change or transition. Interim professionals are able to fill an urgent managerial need, strengthen a project and provide a new direction, offering organizations a proactive and rapid solution.

One of the key benefits of using an interim manager is that there is no startup phase for experienced interim manager, also an added bonus is that they can raise the overall competency of the whole finance function.

Our Work
  • We work with a high level of functional and industry expertise to provide our clients with experienced interim executives, who endeavor to bring deep leadership, financial management, strategic planning, performance management and unique solutions to organizations facing change management, transformation and transition projects.
  • We address our client’s needs and provide them with solutions within days by managing transitional projects and enabling business transformation by introducing experts to their management. We supply interim executives from our advanced knowledgeable community.
  • Our interim managers work closely with our clients to deliver broad operational experience, deep industry knowledge, market insights, specific skills, and proven expertise in delivering results for similar types of assignments
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Services Offered

Our interim managers are executives who work with wide range of functional areas in projects and programme management roles providing leadership and support to organizations which are experiencing change or are in need of additional resources.

Through our interim management services, we strive to solve various business challenges, such as:

  • Restructuring and change
  • Business development
  • Initial investment
  • Growth acceleration
  • Offshoring and outsourcing
  • Coverage of critical resourcing gaps
  • Business performance improvement
  • Project recovery
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational excellencet
  • Subject matter expertise